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Acadia Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computation

Rmpi Tutorial:

This is a basic tutorial on parallel programming in R using Rmpi, the MPI interface for R. This R package allow you to create R programs which run cooperatively in parallel across multiple machines, or multiple CPUs on one machine, to accomplish a goal more quickly than running a single program on one machine.

Who should read this tutorial:

Anyone who wishes to have compute-intensive R programs complete much sooner than is normally possible. This tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of R. For more information, and a tutorial on R, please see the R Project's documentation site.

This tutorial does not assume any knowledge of MPI, and briefly introduces the necessary concepts. It does not go in-depth into the full capabilities of MPI. For those interested, the author suggests continuing on to more complete material on MPI, such as the course hosted by NCSA, and Rmpi's documentation.

Let's Get Started

Continue on the the basics section to learn about the basics of how parallel programs run under MPI.