CNTA XI :: Acadia University :: July 11-16, 2010

The XIth meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association will take place at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia during the week July 11-16, 2010.

Ribenboim Prize in Number Theory

The Ribenboim Prize, for distinguished research in number theory by a mathematician who is Canadian or has connections to Canadian mathematics, is normally awarded every 2-4 years in conjunction with a CNTA meeting. The first five Ribenboim prizes were awarded to Andrew Granville (1999), Henri Darmon (2002), Michael Bennett (2004), Vinayak Vatsal (2006) and Adrian Iovita (2008).

Valentin Blomer of the University of Toronto and the University of Göttingen has been named the recipient of the 2010 Ribenboim Prize.

The Prize will be presented at this summer's meeting.

Plenary Speakers

M. Bennett       (UBC)
J. Bruinier       (T.U. Darmstadt)
K. Buzzard       (Imperial College)
H. Kisilevsky       (Concordia)
S. Kudla       (Toronto)
K. Lauter       (Microsoft Research)
K. Ono       (Wisconsin-Madison)
J. Pila       (Bristol)
Z. Rudnick       (Tel Aviv University)
K. Soundararajan       (Stanford)

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Nils Bruin       (Simon Fraser University)
Yann Bugeaud       (UniversitĂ© Louis Pasteur)
Samit Dasgupta       (UC Santa Cruz)
Kirsten Eisentraeger       (Penn State)
David Mandell Freeman       (Stanford)
Jayce Robert Getz       (Princeton University)
Julia Gordon       (UBC)
Matthew Greenberg       (University of Calgary)
Heekyoung Hahn       (University at Albany)
Kevin Hare       (University of Waterloo)
Roman Holowinsky       (Ohio State)
Matilde LalĂ­n       (University of Alberta)
Aaron Levin       (IAS)
Yu Ru Liu       (University of Waterloo)
Allison Pacelli       (Williams College)
Michael Rubinstein       (University of Waterloo)
Jonathan Sorenson       (Butler University)
Andrew V. Sutherland       (MIT)
Adrian Vasiu       (Binghamton University)
John Voight       (University of Vermont)
Matthew P. Young       (Texas A&M University)

Conference Information

More details will be added on the following pages as they become available.

Getting to Acadia
Title and Abstract Submission
Local Information
Financial Support
Local Sites of Interest

Organizing Committee

C. David       (Montréal)
J. Friedlander       (Toronto)
E. Goren       (McGill)
A. Granville       (Montréal)
J. Hooper       (Acadia)
D. McKinnon       (Waterloo)
H. Williams       (Calgary)

About CNTA

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For more information, please contact Jeff Hooper (details below).

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