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COURSE INFO (Winter 2014)


The course aims to develop broad guidelines for a comprehensive approach to the state of the art statistical consulting.  Topics include a guide to effective communication, issues of the ethical statistical practice and problem solving.  Data exploration, criteria for the model selection, and other advanced data analysis methods are discussed through case studies.  The use of SAS and R will be emphasized. 



Office Hours



Ying Zhang

HSH 151

Tuesdays 3:00-5:00pm

HSH 137

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Statistical Consulting: A Guide to Effective Communication by Janice Derr, Duxbury Press

The Statistical Sleuth, A Course in Methods of Data Analysis by Ramsey and Schafer, Duxbury Press

Modern Applied Statistics with S by Venables, W.N. and Ripley, B.D, Springer

Problem Solving by Chatfields, Chapman & Hall/CRC.

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Part I: Communication Skills and Professional Issues for Statisticians 


Part II: Technical Issues for Statisticians:

a) Statistical Computing with R/SAS

b) Design and Analysis

Assignment and Project:  There are weekly assignments, by-weekly projects, or presentations.

Final Project: A "real-world" project and an oral presentation.


Tentative Marking Scheme: 




Assignments & Projects  35%

Assignments & Projects 30%

Final Project 45%

Final Project 50%

Participation 20%

Participation 20%

Software:  You will be using the software packages: SAS and R.  So please ensure that these software packages are installed on your computer.  SAS 9.2 can be installed through the Acadia software program (P:\Programs\SAS).  R can be downloaded from

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·        Two of Math 3233, 3253, 3263, 3273, 3283, 3293.

·        If you have one from above list, you need to co-register a 3h course from them.

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Note: If you are a student with a documented disability who anticipates needing accommodations in this course, please inform me after you meet Jill Davies or Kathy O’Rourke in Disability Access Services, Student Resource Centre, lower floor of the Old SUB ( Old Student Union Building). Their contact information is  585-1127 or  585-1823


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