Faculty Advisors

Every student in our department is assigned a faculty advisor when they arrive at Acadia. Advisors sometimes change, especially when faculty members are away or on sabbatical. 

Below you will find a list of the name of the faculty advisor for all returning students whose first or second major is Mathematics and Statistics.  Please be sure to meet with your faculty advisor before the end of the term to discuss your course selection for next year.  If you click on your faculty advisor's name, you will be directed to that professor's homepage which will provide contact information such as email address, telephone number and office location. 

Student Name

Faculty Advisor

Ali, Ilana Franklin Mendivil
Allen, Amelia Jeff Hooper
Basden, Tylor Ying Zhang
Bassett, Tristan Jianan Peng
Brandreth, Andrew Jeff Hooper
Brennan, Haley Jeff Hooper
Campbell, Braeden Jeff Hooper
D'Arnall, Dieudonne
Jeff Hooper
De Saram, Shayan Ying Zhang
Deighton, Sean Nancy Clarke
Donovan, Brennen Hugh Chipman
Doucette, Seth Franklin Mendivil
Feairs-Litvack, Holly Nancy Clarke
Forsythe, Jack Franklin Mendivil
Gingell, Katherine Hugh Chipman
Guo, Zihanl Jeff Hooper
Hally, James Hugh Chipman
Harrigan, Patric
Nancy Clarke
Hooper, Coleman
Jeff Hooper
Hopkins, Margaret
Nancy Clarke
Jardine, Lisa Jeff Hooper
Jian, Yifan Ying Zhang
Jones, Evan
Nancy Clarke
Keddy, Bryson Hugh Chipman
Kew, Teagen Jeff Hooper
LeBlanc, Jessica Hugh Chipman
Li, Jin Jianan Peng
Li, Yingqi Holger Teismann
Liem, Brett Ying Zhang
Lynch, Olivia Jeff Hooper
MacDonald, Keegan Holger Teismann
MacIntyre, Maria Ying Zhang
MacNeil, Jensen Jeff Hooper
Maycock, Amhad Jeff Hooper
Marcoux, John Jianan Peng
McMullin, Isaac Holger Teismann
Melanson, Lauren Jeff Hooper
Park, Solkyu Franklin Mendivil
Pineo, Lucas
Franklin Mendivil
Poirier, Miguel Ying Zhang
Purcell, Emily Franklin Mendivil
Rideout, Kelsey Hugh Chipman
Robart, Joshua Jeff Hooper
Robertson, Noah Holger Teismann
Robinson, Kanji Hugh Chipman
Robinson, Katelynn Jeff Hooper
Rollins, Tabria Jeff Hooper
Smith, Danielle Jianan Peng
Smith, Mattie Jeff Hooper
Smith, Victoria Jeff Hooper
Stevens-Gijilan, Victoria Hugh Chipman
Sutherland, Will Holger Teismann
Sweeney, Madison Jianan Peng
Tong, Zhou Ying Zhang
Twohig, Genevieve Jianan Peng
Wallace, Keeley Jianan Peng
Warren, Katelyn Holger Teismann
Watt, Claudia Franklin Mendivil
Woodside, Regina Ying Zhang