Information Concerning 1st Year Courses

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a number of courses for students entering their first year of university.  The selection of mathematics and statistics courses will vary depending on your major and/or program.  If you have any questions about which course(s) you should be taking, please contact your faculty advisor or the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at

For course descriptions, visit Acadia's Online Course Catalog.

Math 1013/1023 (Introductory Calculus 1 & 2)

Students in a science program other than nutrition or psychology will normally take Math 1013/1023 (plus applicable studio) in their first year.  These courses are also an option for other students who have a suitable background in high school mathematics.  

Math 1213/1223 (Statistics for Business & Behavioural Sciences 1 & 2)

These courses cannot be offered by any student registered in a science program, except those in nutrition or psychology.  Math 1213 is required for Kinesiology students. 

Math 1313 (Foundations)

This course is normally reserved for students who are majoring in mathematics and statistics as it is a requirement for this program. 

Math 1323 (Matrix Algebra)

This course may be used as an elective for many programs.  

Math 1333 (Introduction to Linear Algebra)

This course is a requirement for students majoring in mathematics and statistics.  This course may also be used as an elective for many programs. 

NOTE:  Credit can be obtained for only one of Math 1323 and Math 1333  

Math 1413 (Sets, Functions and Algorithms/Graph Theory and Matrix Algebra)

This course is restricted to students who are majoring in computer science.  

Math 1613 (General Linear Algebra and Calculus for Business )

This course will satisfy the mathematics requirement for the Bachelor of Business Administration program .  Please note that Math 1613 is a terminal course.  


  • Math 1613 is NOT an acceptable prerequisite for additional Calculus courses, such as Math 1023.

  • If you take Math 1613 and later take Math 1013 you will lose credit for Math 1613.