Welcome to Acadia's Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Acadia’s Mathematics and Statistics degree gives you the critical tools to understand and solve problems in science, business, and humanities. We offer courses that allow you to build a foundational understanding of all areas of mathematics and statistics. You will be taught to use analytical methods, combined with data collection and interpretation to model the real world. Outside the classroom, you will participate in mathematical contests, national conferences, and summer research while enjoying social events hosted by the department’s student society. Our mathematical modelling and statistical consulting centres support student and faculty research in such diverse areas as security, energy, health, and natural resources.

The Mathematics and Statistics program at Acadia combines the high calibre of teaching and personal attention available in small classes with diverse course offerings and research opportunities that are comparable to larger institutions. You are encouraged to gain specialized experience through teaching assistantships, consulting/reading courses, research positions and co-op placements which prepare you for interesting careers and graduate studies. The flexibility of the program means that many of our students pursue double majors in areas such as physics, music, French and business. The department also offers a five-year BEd/BSc degree for math teachers, and is offering a new stream in Actuarial Science.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics currently number 14 faculty who have a wide range of both pure and applied research interests in mathematics and statistics.