Course Rotations

Normally, Mathematics & Statistic courses for the 3000/4000 level are given on a rotation basis.  The table below shows the course rotations over three years.  An X is placed under the academic year that the course is tentatively scheduled to be offered. 

Special topics courses, the honours project and honours thesis courses are not listed in the rotation.  The  online timetable gives information on course offerings for the upcoming year, including special topics courses.

For a complete list and descriptions of Math/Stats courses see the Academic Calendar, available from the Registar's website.  See also the Course Catalog on Acadia's Self-Serve website.

Course #

Course Title





2633 Theory of Interest   x   x
3213 Probability   x   x
3233 Regression x   x  
3253 Nonparametric Statistical Inference x     x
3263 Sampling Theory x   x  
3273 Design & Analysis of Experiments   x   x
3283 Time Series   x   x
3293 Statistical Learning x   x  
3303 Algebra 1 x   x  
3343 Combinatorics x   x  
3413 Numerical Methods x   x  
3513 Number Theory   x   x
3533 Real Analysis 1 x x x ?
3543 Introductory Complex Variables   x   x
3573 History of Mathematics x   x  
3603 Operational Research 1   x   x
3633 Operational Research 2 x   x  
3713 Ordinary Differential Equations 2 x x x ?
3803 Fundamentals of Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics x   x  
3813 Fundamentals of Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics   x   x
3823 Investment/Financial Markets       ?
4103 Topics in Math and Stats 1     x  
4213 Mathematical Statistics   x x  
4223 Generalized Linear Models x     x
4233 Statistical Consulting   x   x
4323 Algebra 2 x   x  
4333 Cryptography   x   x
4343 Graph Theory   x   x
4423 Advanced Numerical Methods        
4513 Introductory Topology x      
4523 Measure and Integration        
4553 Real Analysis 2        
4613 Theory of Optimization        
4753 Partial Differential Equations x   x  
4773 Fluid Dynamics   x   x
4803 Advanced Long-Term Actuarial Mathematics
x   x  
4813 Advanced Short-Term Actuarial Mathematics       ?