Our Programs

Acadia's Math and Stats Department offers numerous programs, allowing students to do minors and/or Double Majors with nearly every other discipline.

Course descriptions are in the current academic calendar (pdf).  All calendars are at the Resistrar's office website.

For detailed program information, including checklists for all programs listed below, go to Current Students > Our Programs.



Double Majors

Acadia offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a Mathematics and Statistics major, a BSc with Honours in Mathematics and Statistics (which includes a thesis or project) and a BSc with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics and another subject.  Common double majors can include Business, Economics, Computer Science, Biology or Music or just about any other major available at Acadia University.

Click on the links below to view information on some of these available options.

BSc Math & Stats with Business

BSc Math & Stats with Computer Science

BSc Math & Stats with Biology

BSc Math & Stats with Economics

BSc Math & Stats with Music