Registration Information for New Students

Acadia's registration is done on the web or by mail. For Math Majors this should not present any real problems. All you need to remember is that 3 credit hours = 1 half course, 5 half-courses = the full-time course load for one term, 2 terms = 1 year, and 4 years = 1 degree. (Quick now: how many hours in one degree?) 

Degree requirements are given in detail in the Acadia Calendar under Programmes, and you should look at these before trying to make course selections. The most current Acadia Undergraduate Calendar can be found here.

Registration Information for First-Year Students.

First year students will usually take 2 half-courses in Mathematics each term. Unless you have been given advanced standing (for example, because of AP or IB exams) you will take:

  • Calculus (Math 1013 and Math 1023)
  • Foundations (Math 1313)
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra (Math 1333)

The remaining slots can be filled with electives or non-math degree requirements, or the required 3 hours of computer programming (either Apsc 1413 or Comp 1113).