Collaborative Research Opportunities

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Acadia University offers many possibilities for collaborations on a variety of research projects. The department has seen a great renewal of its faculty over the last few years and this has resulted in a new focus on research. As the following pages describe, our faculty has a wide range of research interests.

As well, the department has revamped its graduate program to focus on industrial applications. Our industrial masters will require graduate students to split their time between academic and industrial activities. The students will be required to partake in an internship of usually eight months.

The advantages for industries participating in this program are numerous. The students will be highly skilled, having taking numerous courses in mathematical and statistical modelling.  The flexible course requirements at Acadia allow the student to take courses specifically tailored to the research project. The cost of hiring the student can be supplemented through a variety of programs and scholarships. The connection with the faculty and on-going students can provide an exceptional source of on going research and potential highly skilled employees.  All in all, it is a low cost way for business to do cutting edge research.

If you are interested in pursuing a research project with the department or in participating in our graduate internship program or want more information contact us at